Stoner Thoughts #3

One of you guys was kind enough to email me an article about some research which indicated monotheistic/moralistic religions emerging soon after complex societies started to develop. Such beliefs are, of course, greatly intertwined into our cultural perceptions of good and evil. It was quite an interesting read, and it indicated that potentially such beliefs rose-up to help complex societies coordinate and cooperate. Others have posited similar things in other books I’ve read, so it was nice to see some of the research attached to it. If anyone wants me to email across the article, I’ll be more than happy to oblige.

Anyhow, back to Fiorella, good, and evil.

In my last post, I rambled that it wasn’t that long ago that humans acted in a way that today’s society would perceive as total cunts. On a cunt-o-odometer, we’d find that we’re still hovering over that said region, albeit just less so than we used to. However, perhaps we are only in the eye of the storm, and it won’t be long until we head back to our old ways. I think even people with the smallest of imaginations would realise it wouldn’t take much for people to froth at the mouth and wish for bloody murder. Fucking hell, it only takes Facebook or Twitter posts from trolls to get people to such a level. So, you have to wonder, how would people act if some serious shit went down?

If society is that fragile, then you need systems in place that keep it ticking, keep it from going all Mad Max (hey, at least if it does, then I can wear my bondage gear out in public without causing an upset). This is where I think, devising a new and workable morality (good/evil) plays a role in developing workable systems for society. With morality being man-made and simply a set of evolving societal agreements, means that people can/should seek to derive new sets of complex group rules to create a more robust society that benefits more people than just the small elite few.

This is where I get on my tin-foil hat and say those in power who benefit from antiquated systems, want those below to think such systems cannot change and are derived from higher powers (e.g. God, the market, communism etc). They use their version of good and evil to keep their means to control/exploit. They will use ideology and repeat such mantras. These pricks might have different ideologies, but they’re just the same power-hungry piece of shit who’re just wearing different colours.

So, there’s no such thing as morality, and the world has plenty of elitist pricks all vying for control while quoting bullshit mantras from their own orthodoxy. What’s the fucking point then? Well, this is where I slick back my hair, put on my salesmen smile and say…welcome to the Church of Little Dog, where we live beyond such petty grievances. Just fucking with you. All I know is that the current systems we have in place are broken and benefit a minority who only know how to take. Also, my belief is that the purpose of this evolving set of group agreements for conduct stems from a unified need that we all share, the need for our genes to survive and spread, as working in such a large group ultimately benefitted our survivability.

Anyhow, that’s enough crazy talk from me (kids, this is what happens when you take too many drugs!). My next email / blog-post I’d like to talk about stoner guesses in how to utilise this innate need derived from our genes to develop a sense of morality that can evolve and cope with technological development.

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