Black Scottish terriers aren’t particularly well-known for devouring civilisations, but Little Dog is.
Like most omnipotent beings, Little Dog finds boredom a constant problem, but the deity has just the right plaything to solve this, a psychopathic vagabond called Cain.
Cain never wanted to make a deal with the sadistic and petulant deity. All he ever wanted was to gorge on Manchester’s finest foods, fight the police and save the bumblebee through murderous rampages. Instead, he has to give bloodthirsty performance after bloodthirsty performance to keep the deity entertained. If he fails, he might just find that he — and the rest of the world — becomes Little Dog’s snacks.  

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About Me

Apologies about the website, it’s clearly a skill that I am deficient in.

Like many other writers, I don’t quite understand people - yet I seem to want to write about them. I am quite an expert at looking tough and scowling at others when they can’t see me.

On a more serious note, I work with those who have fallen victim to the worst abuses of power and those who commit the worst abuses of power. The job is grinding me down like it’s sandpaper and for whatever reason, writing violent stories seems to help me get by.

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