Black Scottish terriers aren’t particularly well-known for devouring civilisations, but Little Dog is.
Like most omnipotent beings, Little Dog finds boredom a constant problem, but the deity has just the right plaything to solve this, a psychopathic vagabond called Cain.
Cain never wanted to make a deal with the sadistic and petulant deity. All he ever wanted was to gorge on Manchester’s finest foods, fight the police and save the bumblebee through murderous rampages. Instead, he has to give bloodthirsty performance after bloodthirsty performance to keep the deity entertained. If he fails, he might just find that he — and the rest of the world — becomes Little Dog’s snacks.  

* If you like your violence gory, your heroes twisted, your sex messed up, and your comedy as black as your ex’s heart, then this is the book for you! *

What reviewers are saying:

“Thoroughly enjoyed this odd, paranormal, science fiction dark comedy. If you get the references it was like reading a mix of Kurt Vonnegut, the movie He Never Died and the Galactus comic character where the world eater is a cute; black Scottish Terrier. Can’t wait for the next installment.” – Amazon Reviewer – Karen Colingwood

“Dark satire and black comedy abound in this book. A psychological thriller that skewers let’s see religion, murder, serial killlers, gods, the devil, resurrection and everything inbetween. This is unlike any book you ever read so if you want different this is your book. If you are easily offended then it’s not for you.” – Amazon reviewer – Papa Place

“I found a lot of humor in this book. Some people may not enjoy the humor but I highly recommend it! ” – Amazon reviewer – Linda Curtis

“To enjoy this book – which I have to admit, I eventually did – you have to just go with the flow. Embrace the weirdness. It’s an insane slaughterfest, gore galore, constantly making you question what the hell is going on. Violence, profanity, all coupled with flowery, verbose language, combining to make your head spin.” Author of Brian Helsing series: Gareth Pengelly. 

“Author Louis Park has created the first instalment in a really promising new horror series, one which contains the kind of sadistic freedom elements of works like The Purge and the more recent Joker incarnation … Overall, Gods and Psychopaths is a gloriously indulgent horror fantasy with lots of humor, intellect and good unclean fun.” – Readers’ Favorite: KC Finn

Gods and Psychopaths is not for the faint of heart; it is a roller coaster ride that you will never want to get off and when you finish reading this novel, you will beg for more. It is in your face, raw and gritty; it is enough to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat and it makes sure that you aren’t able to put it down even for a second.” – Readers’ Favorite: Rabia Tanveer

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Terry never wanted to be a messiah, the foul-mouthed psychopath only ever wanted to stay dead. Little Dog felt otherwise.

Terry is the newest performer in the elder god’s twisted show and happens to be Cain’s father. It’s going to be one killer family reunion filled with guts and gore, just hopefully not Cain’s.

To protect his Earth, Satan has devised a cunning plan and has sent Cain his newest servant for support: a bumbling and near-indestructible gimp. Cain might not want this help, but he’ll need it, as he’s only one wrong step away from dying and taking the whole damned world with him.

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