Peter Pan and Slavery

Violent degenerates, the lot of them! Thugs with heads full of pig excrement! How dare they attack the MOUTH OF GOD? All because they cannot handle the divine truth. They prefer to bury their heads in the sand, as if they discovered the actuality of the surrounding reality, they would realise that their whole life has been a lie and the trauma of this would be too much to bear!

Let me tell you my dear diary, all I did was explain to a young lady and her man who was walking by that God’s love was all around them, that we are all a part of him, and thus for us to feel the joy of this reality was masturbation of the holiest. At first, they appeared disgusted with my sermon, but I saw the hesitation in the lady’s footstep, making me think I had a chance to bring her into the light, so when I went to her, asking her to engage in righteous self-love with me was when the mood soured. This damsel became a heathen witch and her brute man’s face filled with rage.

I tried to explain to them that as we are all a part of the Almighty, and when we rejoice and let his love splash us from head to toe, we are letting a cosmic level of pleasure enter us. I tried one last-ditch effort and grabbed both of their hands to guide them, but the ruffians both bopped me in response. The spectators who witnessed such an assault had also shown their own villainy as they cheered on these two perpetrators. No one offered me a hand to get up. In fact, they fired insults my way. Alas, I cannot but feel that this incident is further evidence that London is at the level of Sodom and Gomorrah when such wretched cities were at their worst.

The city is a corrupt cesspit built from deceit. Its very green lifeblood consists of lies. Much of this monetary lifeforce is a fabrication that is alterable by the maleficent financial operators, as it no longer represents anything tangible like gold, and can be changed at a whim. They add zeros and ones onto spreadsheets, creating pounds out of thin air, and use this to magic away each other’s debt so that they can borrow more fabricated monies from each other, to then enrich themselves through asset acquisitions and bonuses. The only way the fiction works is that we, the people, help prop it up and all believe in it like Peter Pan. However, unlike such a hero, we don’t receive the reward of flight. The cost of our belief is we become slaves, giving these overlords our most precious asset, time, all in exchange for pieces of paper that represent a lie.

I want to scream this at every Londoner, day in, day out. That they are willing believers of this lie. That if they had a higher form of worship, then they wouldn’t fall into such an obvious trap. If they had God, with his love going hard and deep into them, then his seed of wisdom would grow inside, allowing them to open their eyes to see that their adoration of capital can only ever bring them misery…. but when I try to show them this truth, they resort to savagery and hit me on my nose. Bastards.

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